Friday, April 17, 2009

Last night, Hunter had his first baseball practice. He was supposed to have his first practice a week ago, but the first time, it snowed half a foot... and then on this past Tuesday, it rained all day. So, last night we had some decent weather for a change.
The practice went well until Hunter got up to bat. He was SO GEEKED about hitting, that he got overly excited and was swinging like a wild man...trying to impress. The only problem with that is...he was swinging like a wild man. He wasnt watching the ball, he was just trying to hit it really hard, therefore he missed it EVERY TIME. They pitched to him 20 times before he got frustrated, threw down the bat, slung his helmet on the ground and went to pout on the bench.
After he calmed down, and was mildly threatened with a beating, he got back out on the field. Later he was able to bat again, and this time, he hit the ball no problem! SURPRISE! When you don't try too hard, and you keep your eye on the ball, things connect!
He was worn out when he got home, but he was happier.

Well, when I got home, I made dinner and then got right into reading Eclipse. I am having a hard time putting those books down lately. Edward is just too good to be true, and Jacob...well, he is BIG and STRONG, and has a sense of humor, and he is WARM. Ahhh... a teenagers dream! Anyways...I read for as long as I could...

I found out a little later that a certain someone called Mark yesterday asking to borrow money! I won't get into the specifics, but let me tell you! I was SO PISSED!
I wanted to call this person right then and threaten to CAVE their HEAD in if they EVER call him for money again, but they would just get off on that, so I thought better of it.
Besides, Mark did a good enough job of telling them where to get off, I think...but if it were ME... I would have told this person to get off at the nearest JOB FAIR... or STRIP CLUB.
That is typically where people EARN money from, right? Jobs, I mean.

Either way, it's Friday! It's a good day!

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