Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brand New Baby!

My sister Angie had her baby on the 9th. She named her Juliana. Juliana is absolutely GORGEOUS! I know people say that about all babies, but Juliana IS actually beautiful! She is so perfect!
I went to the hospital last night to see her, and my parents were there. I was pretty happy and content in my own skin, for a change...but that all stopped so fast, that I got whiplash.
I was standing there with the camera looking at pictures, and my mom reaches over and gives me a good couple of pats on my gut. WTF! Then, her and my dad started laughing and my dad said..."Boy, you looked very...RELAXED" I wanted to deck him!

So, out went my self confidence and my contentment, and in crept the self doubt, and the old middle school insecurity and feeling that everyone is laughing at me behind my back...UGH!

Thanks, PARENTS! Time for an enema, a salad or twenty, endless hours jogging on the treadmill, and starving myself so that my PARENTS don't make fun of me.

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