Monday, February 9, 2009

Above are pictures from my sister's baby shower. I don't even know who this kid is, but he loved me, and latched on to me immediately. He was either sitting on me in some fashion, or driving his toy trucks into my elbows as I laid on the floor. What I notice the most about these pictures is the chunky monkey face of mine. UGH! AWFUL! My nose looks HUGE and my jowls look robust. Yep, time to lay off the goodies and kick that work out in to high gear!

Since my back is now getting back into place nicely, I feel liberated! I feel like I owe it to myself to start restrengthening my core muscles, and also start getting ready for bikini season. I am SURELY not ready right now.

I also notice that my hairs are very dark. Yup, need some highlights...and a tan. When I see pictures of my self right now, I look like I just got released from the flu ward at the hospital. Pale, pasty and a little shiny sweaty or something. Nasty! Gotta do something about that. I don't feel like myself when I look this bad.

Anyways, Taylor finally came home Friday evening and I have never seen a kid so happy to see us in my life! She came and got in bed with me, and immediately, before she even hit the bed, I could smell cigarette smoke on her. ICK! She told me that both her mom, her grandpa (who is gravely ill with lung cancer-go figure, right?) and her grandpa's girlfriend smoke like chimneys, and you could cut the smoke with a knife because it was so thick! She had no escape from it in that tiny apartment, and was grossed out. She said that all day long at school, people were telling her that she smelled like cigarettes. GAG!
Well, she laid in bed with me for a while, then when Mark got out of the tub, she hugged on him and kissed him and showered him with affection for a good long time. She told us both that she missed us a bunch and was glad to be home. WOW! Amazing! I could say alot about that, but I will just keep it to myself on here, because, alas, nothing on the internet is private, right? I will just say that FINALLY, she sees the light. LOL!

Friday night, I talked to Jessie online for a couple of hours and we had the webcams on. It was so good to see her. She had been off school all week because there was a "chance" of snow. WTF? A CHANCE... of snow...jaysus! We have two feet of it on the ground up here, and they still havent closed school! Anyways, she looks healthy and pretty content. I get the feeling that she misses home though. She mentioned that she wants to come home for the summer too. YAY! I miss her so bad!

Well, I need to get back to work now. I have lots of plans to make and whatnot, so pretty soon, I will start posting before shots to my "Andrea makeover" LOL!

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