Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunset, Fire and wood

You can see where the fire department ripped the siding off, and you can see that the roof is caved in...I feel awful for these people. I know how it feels to have your house catch on fire, so I can imagine how these people feel. I was 10 when our house caught on fire...we all know it was Angie's fault. LOL!

This is the picture of the house that burned last night. I tried to get some decent pictures of it, but it was getting dark and I couldnt get out of my car to take the pictures, so they are blurry. UGH! I HATE blurry pictures!

I took this picture last night when the house was burning. It is also blurry, but it was my view from across a field and through some trees at nighttime, so it is as good as it gets!

Earlier in the evening, this is the sunset... I am facing the house that burned too, so its a bit eerie.
See, Angie! This is what Mark was up to on Saturday, allllll day long!
Last weekend, I told my sister that Mark had left without telling anyone where he was going and had been gone all day...well, as it turns out, he was out chopping wood. We now have so much wood that we can barely see the woodburner from the house!

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