Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pray for her...

I am so worried about this child. She seems so lost. It is as if she has given up on her life and refuses to care as long as she can do as she pleases.

My prayer for her is that she finds her way, and realizes that she can't skirt her way through life, and has to take responsibility for her own actions. My prayer is that she starts to see herself as the beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted angel that I know she is, and lives her life as such.

She is not turning in her homework assignments again. She is back to her same old ways. I ask her why, she says she doesn't know. She says its too hard. She never asks for help.

She might get held back again. She is 14 and in the 7th grade, doomed to repeat the grade. She will be the only 16 year old in 8th grade if she keeps going down this path.

What do I do? How do I help her move forward? How do I show her the mess she is creating?

What do I do?


  1. Oh, Lovey...
    First of all, you just have to kind of sit back and guide her while she makes certain mistakes. Mind you, not all of them. Then keep gently redirecting her, and talk to her openly. That's what I do with Alexa, and she is doing really, really well right now. All things considered, that's saying a lot. Oh, and how is Brian??

  2. I guess he got remarkably better and they moved him to a regular room, but right after mom came home, he took another turn for the worse and got put back in ICU. That was the last of what I heard. That was almost a week ago so something might have changed by now.