Monday, February 23, 2009

The weekend got over way too fast. One minute, I am eating McDonald's and having a three hour conversation with Taylor about her mom, and then, the alarm is going off and I have to get up and get ready for work! I like my job, but I HATE getting up early. I like to sleep in...something I don't get to do very often.

That three hour conversation was NOT a happened Friday night. I got a call telling me that Taylor had told her mom about a text on my phone that took place between me and her step-dad about the court date they had before Christmas, so I called Taylor to give her crap for telling her mom my business...and she explained to me that yes, she did tell her mom that there was a text on my phone discussing the court date, but no, she did not say anything else, so anything else is being made up. Guess who is making it up? Gee, I wonder...
Anyways, I didn't bring it up at all that evening, but Taylor did. We sat at the dining room table and talked for 3 hours. She opened up to me about so many things. I am NOT going to get into it on here, but let's just say that Taylor has a very level head on her shoulders, and sees things the way they really are.

The rest of the weekend, I just worked on Angie's baby gift, which is almost done. I did a little cleaning, visited the parents, and just hung around the house.

Jessie called me yesterday and told me that she tried out for the track team, and will find out today if she made the team or not. :)

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