Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's on TV?

Last night when I got home, I made dinner the second I got in the door, and then sat down to work on a gift for my sister's baby. I can't say what I am making...because she reads this blog. :) Shortly thereafter, Mark comes home and we decided it was time to do our taxes, so we sat for a couple of hours doing those. THANK GOD that is overwith, and now we can get some more bills paid off! YAY!

Well, it got close to 8:00, and Hunter was watching some cute movie on Showtime. I was busy working on my stuff, and Mark was finishing up our tax stuff, and no sooner did 8:00 hit, then I hear the cute movie go off, and then an alarming dialect started pouring out of the TV! There sits my 8 year old son staring slack jawed at the TV while a bunch of disgruntled women yelled at eachother because one licked the other's cunt, and one used a dildo, and "F-----" some guy... I mean... it was a matter of SECONDS before I was up and over to that TV to shut it off, but in that few seconds, my son got QUITE an education! I mean, seriously! It was FOUL! That is the type of show that should come on MUCH later in the evening...not prime time where kids might come across it! I believe the show is called The L Word or something like that, but they didnt even have opening credits or anything, they just opened the show with this vulgar argument that these women were having with eachother.


Okay, moving on...
I am still fixing all of the wedding pictures from this weekend. Who knew that flourescent lights would make everyone's hair turn green? Yeah, so I have a whole lot of editing to do before I can present these photos to my sister. Thank GOD for Photoshop Elements for Dummies!

Did I mention that my son got selected for the G.A.T.E. program? That's Gifted And Talented Education to the "layman". LOL!
I am so proud! Kids who are in this program get to take a college class on the weekends. This class is on a list that they get to choose from. There is Creative Art, Science, Japanese Culture and Theater. He is torn between science and creative art. I am just happy that he got accepted! I am so extremely proud!

I guess Jessie is doing better too. She got her work caught up and she got some really good scores on her latest Math and English tests. She got 100 % on the English tests, and 90% on the math test because she missed a decimal point. Regardless, I am happy that she is working hard to bring herself up.

I am trying to plan a vacation for around the time of my birthday. I would like to get Jessie home for the summer, and then take a family trip to Chicago. I think that would be awesome! I have to get some plans in the works, but I can't wait! The pier, the museums, the shops, the buildings, I think my family will have alot of fun!

Since its still the middle of the day, I have to get some work done now.


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